About Us

Field Approach Consult focuses on creating excellent field research support for our clients across the world to carry out their field research and work. Our aim is to provide world class field research support with creative and innovative methods of serving out clients. Our services include data collection and data analysis, data compilation, research advisory, corporate training and facilitation and management consultancy for clients.

Our areas of our research include: Architecture, Marketing, History, Arts, Science, Medicine, Mnagement and IT

Our Vision

Providing a world class field research support with creative and innovative ways of collecting, processing and collating data for excellence in research.

Core Values

Integrity, loyalty, innovation, creativity, excellence and respect for our clients.

Our Mission

To provide support for researchers, to connect researchers and to address unmet needs in the field of research.


We create excellent field research services to support researchers all over the world.

Data Collection and Analysis

We collect data via quantitative and qualitative methods such as interviews, questionnaires and survey, observations, focus groups, Ethnography, oral history and case study, documents and records. We also collect samples for science-based research. Our data collection technique is based on the type of data and the area of research our clients wants to conduct.

Data Compilation

Our statisticians compile our data by using various statistical analysis such as SPSS, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, R (R foundation for statistical computing), STATA, SAS and JMP

Research Advisory

We have our experts that provide advice and recommendation for research and innovations on how to carry out research, the financing of research and how to benefit from research. We provide a group of individuals that help with all stages of our clients’ specific research. Our experts are based on your research interest and area.

Corporate Training and Facilitation

We provide training programs and seminars for companies and students (both undergraduate and graduate) who are interested in developing their field research abilities.

Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy is focused on helping our clients improve their research performance and efficiency.

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